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Intro Blog Thingy!!!

 :0 (oh em gee it is intro thingy !!!)

(I keep on editing this-)

What type of content my account has:

As of now, pretty empty!

I am planning to blog about art stuff and mostly just blog about random things like the little hat I made for the rubber duckie that sits on my desk :] 

 No content/trigger warnings either as of now :3

Trigger/Content Warnings: 

Sad Poetry and Stuff sometimes usually in blogs labelled "Sometimes" or "Blogs About Myself"

Also like giant bricks of text.

Mostly I talk about random thoughts and things :3


adding emojs for the uhhh 'aesthetic

🦈💫A little introduction✨:

I am a random cringe(y?) person on the Internet :D I forgot how humans talk to each other so yah. (Not implying that I am not human !!!) (You can skip this if you want now :D) But also I'm trying to learn HTML and CSS and this website is very helpful !!! :3 It also seems to be very fun. I like listening to other people rant :] (Not vent !!! I mean rant as in talk about stuff !) I myself talk a lot about things I like :] Simply because I don't have many mainstream interests I can talk about. (I have mostly mainstream interests, though, like anime!) I am sometimes unfamiliar with newer slang terms and forms of humour but I find that I sometimes relate to and enjoy them :D Also expect a lot of emots/emoj faces like kaomoji that look like this :D :3 because I use them a lot.

💕🦈Debunking Popular Myths:

  • - I am not a furry :'] 
  • -I can't draw anthros 
  • -I don't consider myself a weeb
  • -I use he/him pronouns but really don't mind what pronouns you use to refer to me. 
  • (I'm a 'cis girl' but I just slap he/him onto my social media platforms because sometimes people are creepy)
  • Also bcs I'm more comfy w he/him
  • But you can use she/her or they/them issokay :3


  • I keep on editing this part sorry lol
  • If your account is like a side account, pls don't interact :'D
  • I wanna find friends to talk to not like friend collect 
  • Above 18 DNI and Don't add friend 
  • Like, you can interact but don't instant message or add friend 
  • (If you're 13-17 it's okay :D or if you just turned 18 or are just gonna turn 18 or like are turning 19 or just turned 19)
  • Also like, this is only for what age you are at the time when you interact with me
  • Don't follow/friend if you're doing those like 'looking for' 'matchmaking' etc. 
  • idk if that happens on spacehey, but yeah, just don't 
  • I'm not taken not looking for ppl
  • Other than that just do not be hateful
  • PLEASE don't add friend/friend request if your profile has really flashy/bright lights. (photosensitive user)
  • Pls like eye-straining profiles DNI pls :'D
  • this includes includes autoplay gifs/videos on profile (some types, not all) flashy/bright gifs or moving images, fast color changing etc

🦈💕BMF (Be My Friend):

  • if you think I'm cool
  • if you like Welcome to Nightvale or other sci-fi/horror/fiction podcasts or Kaitou Joker or OM! or MILGRAM (not the irl experiment, the deco*27 song project)
  •  (those are really the only interests I have the ability to talk about bcs they're like...the special ones? idk)
  • if you think you vibe well with me
  • if you think i hab good vibes
  • if you're nice person :] 
  • if you think I'm nice person :]
  • if you have patience 
  • like
  • a lot of patience 
  • because i don't understand things well 
  • Also I always leave a conversation mid-way for no reason 
  • And accidentally ignore people 
  • I swear it's not on purpose 
  • I forget things sometimes 
  • and
  • I do irl stuff
  • and sometimes 
  • I just 'mark as read' everything 
  • I do this to all my friends 
  • even my family members 
  • i swear
  • i dont hate you :']
  • Sometimes people misunderstand, you see
  • they think I hate them
  • in reality 
  • i am just very dumb
  • if you are a popular celebrity and are willing to give me million dollars because I'm a cool person 
  • if you are also socially awkward and share the same interests

Small note: Have a good day!!! :)

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HII i think youre really interesting person!!

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:0 ! Thank you ! You seem like an interesting person as well ^-^

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