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ignore if you want (sorry for bad english I am sleepy)

hey I don't know if anyone cares but I took some anti-depressants for the first time and I think that's one step from crawling out of depression :))

um also the doctor told me that drowsiness is gonna be a side effect idk how hard it'll hit but I'm starting to feel a bit sleepy

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thats great! What antidepressant are you on? Some take a month or two to take effect

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ah alright, the doctor told me that I'll be taking half a tab for a week to test the effects so yeah, it'll take a long time :// as for the name, I didn't really catch the name cuz mom just gave me half the tablet and walked away with the rest of it

I might ask her about it tomorrow but not now lol bc it's nighttime in my country and she'd def kill me for not sleeping yet xp

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