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about me haha

hi hello!!

im lief/riot/salem or whatever you wanna call me, but i mainly go by riot on this site

i use he/they/xe prns but honestly ill go by anything other than she/her

im a transmasc, acespec and polyam

i dont have a label for my romantic orientation bc honestly idk wtf is going on there-

but i like anyone ig, i just have a pref for dudes/masc-presenting ppl

im 14 and a freshman in highschool hate it here fr /hj

im in a few fandoms ig (not a weird fan i promise lmao):

  • assassination classroom
  • black butler
  • boku no hero academia
  • ddlc
  • devils' line
  • gakkou gurashi
  • hamilton
  • happy sugar life
  • kimetsu no yaiba (im still on s2 dont spoil anything lmao)
  • made in abyss
  • the promised neverland
  • toilet-bound hanako-kun
  • welcome home
  • you and me and her: a love story

and prob a bunch of other shit that i dont feel like typing/cant think of rn aha

i also recently started cosplaying but i only have two atm lmao

i like a lot of rock, nu-metal, and occasionally hip-hop music ig

a few artists i like are in the interests thing and i dont feel like typing them out rn lmao

tone tags are appreciated but ig arent that necessary tyvmm

uhh i think thats basically it aha so uhh yeah have a nice day stay safee

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