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What a week

Sorry for not posting lately, true believers, but I've had a hell of a week.

From my cat having a stillborn litter, to a relative dying after a painful stay at an hospital, including several very busy days and scraping the bottom of the barrel for some dimes, and falling in debt with several people, this week has had it all to wreck my brittle sanity. The lousy weather, earthquakes and depressing news haven't helped one bit, either. I've been chugging Xanax a little over my prescribed dosis just to keep on functioning.

Add my paranoid delusions and persistant anhedonia to the mix, and you'll see why I didn't manage to write more than two lines of prose, six verses from a poem that I've been dragging since january, and only making one of the technical fixes I needed.

OTOH, said fix involved installing Windows 10 in the waffle maker I'm using to type this, and surprisingly enough, it works faster than it did under Windows 7. Yet, when it comes to video drivers, most of the software I used stopped working because there's no support for OpenGL 3.X on the cheapass Intel Graphics HD 3000 on Win 10 (there is for Linux tho, and it never gave me any trouble under Windows 7).

So now that I'm done ranting, I'll go back to trying to write.

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