locking in

im a week and a half into classes, been at college for maybe 2.5-3 weeks now!!

i know i said i didn't wanna get involved with men or relationships, but holy shit, i met the kid of my entire LIFE bro matches me. i have a tendency to not actually stick to my word which sucks (LOL) , anyways, i met this kid at a silent disco event my school had during orientation week. i thought my friend knew him, but he said he didn't. we were vibing the entire time, his energy matched mine !! his moves were fucking crazy he dances like me (i dance horribly). he dissapeared when i turned around (after having been together for about an hour and a half), so i was like "aw man wish i got his contact info". next day we were heading out for meetings, and i saw him. i was like "holy shit the kid from last night". he approached me and asked if i was the girl from last night.. YEAH I AM LOL. okay then he left to go get stuff done for school and i saw him a few hours later. i made him sit next to me during the presentations. i asked for his contact info and he put his "dragon name" as his contact name. i turned to my friend and whispered "holy shit im in love". he's so funny and cringe and a little awkward but in all the best ways possible. he's just like me. he's a good kid. came from a good family, (at least i think so). he has similar interests, he's a cancer, and he's very good looking to me. i hope this progresses in a good direction man <3 stay hopeful fam, im locking in.


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