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chainsaw man layout

I LOVE THIS ONE i love chainsaw man and i made this bc i think it was when the trailer for the anime came out and i was IN LOVE

now this is specifically himeno inspired and thats all i will say

this is where i gave up on doing monthly themes so i had this layout for about 5-6 months

when the page loaded, a screen played of the scene from the tailer idk how to explain it so ill just link the gif that i used if you wanna see what it was: gif

the song that played on the page was Cigarettes out the Window by TV Girl. the layout had this weird error where if you used exclamation points or any kind of symbol it would appear at the front of sentences. i tried fixing it but i couldnt figure it out plus i was too lazy so yeah. i think i know the issue now but too late for that. also if you look at the top you can see that the "home" button and the other buttons are highlighted in blue. i thought this was something wrong with my page but when i looked at other peoples layouts they had it too. i still dont know if it was the actual site itself or something wrong on my end but when i had first made this layout it was never there. i just noticed it one day and was so confused why it was blue. the cursor was a cigarette and the whole page was set in black and white. 

i might make another csm layout like this bc it was honestly so cool 



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