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All My Layouts

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

ill update this each time i change my layout! my first ever layout the fnaf blueycapsules layout.. » Continue Reading

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Stamp & Blinkie Collection

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

/*=== layout details ===*/ :root{ --headers: white; --text: white; --names: white; --links: white; --hover: black; --borders: 4px inset #9932CC !important; --background_image: url(''); --font-family: '', ; --mynamesize: 30px; --transparency: .55; --curve: 0px; --hue: 0deg; » Continue Reading

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4 - Links To Cool Stamps + Tutorial

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

hello :P the first part is the tutorial for how to put the stamp onto your page, so if u already know it then scroll down to find the links!! this is the code your going to use for the stamp: all you have to do is right click on the stamp and hit  copy image address.  now pas » Continue Reading

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3 - How To Add Photos In Bulletins

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

hiii! all you have to do is find the image you want and paste it into a google doc it should look like this: » Continue Reading

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2 - How To Add Autoplay Music

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

this is the code to get ur music to autoplay when you go onto ur page: » Continue Reading

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1 - How to Upload Images and Gifs

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

hello! IMAGES okay so if u wanna add an image into ur about me section enter this code: right click on the image you want to add and click "copy image address". then erase insert image address here LEAVE THE QUOTATION MARKS !!  paste the address in between the quotation marks now ur image mi » Continue Reading

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