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blueycapsules layout

if you know, you know. and i will not talk about the comic itself. love fnaf tho 

i had this idea to change my layout every month because i couldnt stick to one theme. so for the month of march (i think this was 2022) this was the layout. 

there was a mangle jumpscare when the page loaded. people told me it actually scared them and i felt bad (still very sorry about that) which ended up being one of the reasons why i changed the layout. the cursor was a pizza and the song that played was Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. my original comments about this layout said "page was kinda messy but also i kinda liked it. lowkey wanna change back to this one"  no. absolutely not. this is one of my worst ever layouts. like was it was funny, yes, but layout wise its so unorganized and just the way things were placed is what i dont like (hopefully that made sense).  obviously you cant really see whats happening thru the pics bc all of the stuff on the page were gifs. one day, when i finish my neocities website, i'll make a page where you can actually load up the layout and see how it was. 



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