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My Condition.

I've used my condition as an excuse for not having achieved anything this far, but I've failed to explain it properly, maybe because it hasn't been explained properly to me.


My shrink's literal words were "what do you need a diagnosis for"?. Not so literally, and regarding my treatment, they were "Chug the pills, get a job, and take a hike outta my office, you filthy punk". So I'm in the dark, but with the company of olanzapine, risperidone, clonazepam, valproic acid and varying others.

Personality tests show I have post-traumatic stress, avoidant personality disorder, paranoia, borderline conduct, or maybe just crippling psychotic depression. However, without a proper diagnosis, all I have is results from online tests from sites with varying degrees of respectability.

On the other hand, this could be just me unknowingly pretending so I can live irresponsibly, being awkward, making stupid life choices, and not keeping a stable job.

I guess as long as I'm on public healthcare we'll never know.

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i got shit wrong with me too obviously not the same as you and not to your level but im still just like fuck it we ball fr

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Stay strong, we riding this wave to the bitter end.

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