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calico critters mega post

i have a bunch of critters and i need to make a post listing their names. i know they come w names but i rename most of them to what i think fits more!!

orphans first.

mollie  -  f koala

wilbur  -  m koala

poppy  -  f yellow lab

linus  -  m yellow lab

clover  -  f mole her fav colour is yellow

louis  -  m bear

hattie  -  f red deer

clara  -  f silk cat

ambrose  -  m striped cat

winter  -  f hopscotch rabbit

harper  -  f hospcotch rabbit

kiki  -  m persian cat

lala  -  f persian cat

holly  -  f persian cat

hannah  -  f persian cat

honey  -  f persian cat mom

henry  -  m persian cat dad

lily  -  f husky

miffy  -  f husky

billy  -  m husky

camille  -  f husky

bobby  -  f husky mom

william  -  m husky dad

juniper  -  f giraffe

basil  -  m giraffe

penelope  -  f giraffe mom

egbert  -  m giraffe dad

january  -  f penguin

crispin  -  m penguin

alpin  -  m penguin

anya  -  f penguin mom

cris  -  m penguin dad

hachi  -  f splashy otter

nori  -  m splashy otter

minami  -  f splashy otter mom goes by mina

juro  -  m splashy otter dad


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Cute cute!! I love those little fuzzy guys

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im totally obsessed i cant help myself

by ris; ; Report