My most ambitious project.

I have a complete multimedia project in my head, and it pains me to no end knowing there's not many chances that I couls ever finish it. I mean, it would take around ten years, working eight hours a day on it.
In my current situation, I don't have that kind of time.
However, it's a collection of stories happening on an island, starting with the story of two star-crossed lovers and ending with the utter destruction of the island and its erasure from history.
  • It would start with a Sound Novel about the lovers that would also provide some info on the setting.
  • Then a short comic about a bounty hunter, providing historical context.
  • A Visual Novel, introducing characters for a complete comic saga.
  • Then some spin-off comic series, focusing on some secondary characters.
  • The first part of a comic epic.
  • A pair of light novels, introducing other states in the island.
  • The second half of the epic comic.
  • Two contrasting series, showcasing rival factions, with some crossover issues.
  • A religious horror comic foreshadowing a menace.
  • A Visual Novel to tie some lose ends and do some more worldbuilding.
  • A catastrophic Crisis Event, meant to wreck the status quo.
  • A short story compilation about the people doing the damage control of the previous event.
  • A slice-of-life/tragedy that also foreshadows a terrible event.
  • Another damage control story, this time a whodunnit including retired characters from the epic -that ends poorly.
  • A comic where the MC of the epic saga leaves his legacy to a younger generation
  • The final event where all hell breaks loose and everything is destroyed.

And, for the sake of completion, getting some more eyes and getting some things off my bucket list:
  1. An 8-bit style fighting game.
  2. A pen-and-paper roleplaying game.
Most of it is half-done, but due to my circumstances, I find it difficult to finish. Being in the middle of the journey of my life, I don't think I can finish this before I kick the bucket.

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I believe in you man no time is too late and the only way you fail is if you give up this seems real dope i wish you the best

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Thanks, True Believer!
I feel I could get real far with this, I know I have the power of a nuke locked inside me.
If only I could remember what the arming codes are...

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they will all come back to you one day my friend

by ༺nerdyprude༻; ; Report