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I peaked at 18.

The year was... it doesn't matter.
I was young, proud, and my autism hadn't driven me off the deep end. I started getting more friends, more popularity, and became sexually desired because of the barely perceivable gains I got on the gym.

A certain cover.

I made a name for myself with a crappy fanzine that spearheaded the whole zine movement in my small community, and got to organize a small comic-book convention -one that was followed by many more, until these days.
I became a recognizable name in the geek circle.
Then I went to study abroad and ruined it all.

I should have gotten a part-time job and keep pushing the zine thing as a side hustle. Many people that came after me did exactly that and now have their own artistic circles, with hardcover published stuff and everything.

Truly, hindsight is 20/20.

I don't even know why I wrote this.

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