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My personal Dreamscape.

My dreams, however changing they are, always take place in the contemporary age. And there are many locations that I recognize from dream to dream.

>The School
It's that, a school. Only the hallways are endless, the toilets are the size of an apartment, there are a lot of levels connected by catwalks and huge pipes, and a fuckton of stairs. The walls are invariably peach-colored.

>The Hotel
A hotel with carpeted floors, beautiful carpentry here and there, mostly dark wood, poorly lit, with hallways, staircases and balconry that goes nowhere.

>The Office/Clinic
Multilevel building. As with the previous ones, lots of floors and stairs, but all outer walls are glass, there's people in desks everywhere, and the elevator travels horizontally, vertically, and most of the time has no walls so you might fall off if you're not careful.

These three sometimes overlap and connect with each other, most likely by stairs and elevators. And they can meld into each other forever, backrooms-style.

>The City
It's a mix of my hometown and Hollywood's fifties america. Closer to the downtown buildings get more cosmopolitan tho. There's always a high-noon-in-Nevada sun, except when it's twilight, that looks more like an autumn evening.

>The Square

A town square, with a crescent shaped hill, and beneath it, a natural history museum, all in fluorescent white light and a fistful of visitors. The hill and its surroundings are covered in a bright green grass, with parterres of tall and colorful flowers that I doubt exist in real life.

>The Necropolis

A square-mile long cemetery, black statues everywhere, mammothal mausoleums and bright sun everywhere. Small chapels with historical pieces of religious importance are spread here and there. They are street floor only, and their outer wall are glass panes, with a dark green zinc hip roof.

>The Gallery
A commercial gallery whose layout and goods make no sense (the charcuterie is next door to the novelty shop and the gaming store is across the rotisserie) with roofless areas in which the time of the day doesn't match the rest of the place -or even the exterior.

Do y'all have defined dream places too?

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