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Hey everynyan! sorry for the inactivity! ^-^

I really didn't know what to post on here plus not a lot of activity is on here and also nobody on this platform seems to know who tony crynight is, soooo yeah. :p 

I am more active on my tiktok and facebook (yes, I have a facebook, don't judge me. XP)

Tiktok: @nozomi._.kaizoku..altacc
Facebook: Lucas Krager (my name irl :p) 

Also to make up for the inactivity, here are some fun facts about Tony Crynight! 

  • He previously had a gamejolt, tumblr, telegram, furrafinity, and Instagram account. The status of the gamejolt, tumblr, telegram, and furrafinity is unknown, but the Instagram is now run by a fan that took over
  • Fun Fact about the Furrafinity: This was where Tony announced open voice acting auditions for Chica before part 10 was released
  • The profit from his official merch store would equate to approximately $454.81 ON AVERAGE
  • Tony Crynight has an estimated net worth of about $406.11 thousand, which on average would equate to $458.27 per view
  • Tony Crynight uses a drawing program called FireAlpaca, which is available to download on PC and on Mac
  • At one point before his career, Tony Crynight had an emo phase. 
  • Tony crynight was born on October 10th, making him a Libra

  • Tony claims in his preview video, part 16 is the climax.
    • Part 16 was released on Halloween.
    • It is unclear if Foxy has returned a little bit of his memory while Mangle was explaining to him, or if he is willing to start over with her again. (part 17)
    • Despite his voiced character, Foxy, being present, Timber Puppers has no lines in Part 17.
    • Rumor has it that the little girl in Springtrap’s flashback (part 13) is the reincarnation of Mangle, hence why Springtrap had that flashback. However, this is currently unconfirmed.
    • The backgrounds in parts 1 and 2 were images of the fnaf 2 pizzeria that’s in the canon fnaf game, whereas the rest of the backgrounds (apart from part 15, 16, and briefly part 17, made by fog dagger) were made by Tony himself.
    • Part 1 was the most viewed video of Tony's whole channel (and therefore the most viewed episode) up until the full movie was released.
    • Part 7 was the first episode to feature voice acting, whereas part 6 was the first to feature sound effects and part 8 was the first to feature a conversation between two characters.
    • Part 15 is the longest part in the series, as stated by Tony Crynight.
    • Part 16 is the only part where profanity (swearing) is used (Freddy uses the word “hell” as he ran over to Foxy).
    • In an old 2017 interview (source unknown), Tony claims that he made the original 37 second animation without a particular plot in mind, but went on with the story just because people seemed to like the series, even though he hadn’t had an idea of the final product until part 17 was released.
    • Because the backstory of the pizzeria was told in springtrap’s perspective, it is unclear why Freddy had first came to the pizzeria , or what motivated  Fredbear to kill Freddy.
    • The animation style frequently changes in the series as time progresses, the most visible ones being in parts 15-17 where instead of rigging, the characters to move in certain ways, Tony uses purely smear frames as movement

    Finally, before i go inactive for another long while (school for me is starting soon :p), take thesetony crynight photos!

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