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I'm not sure how to feel..

My partner spoke with my Neurologist this morning. ( She helps me quite a bit with the medical aspect of life, due to my anxiety and issues with finding my voice when I need to advocate for myself. Which I struggle with.. )

She was able to explain what I've been going through, my pain levels and how the meds aren't really doing anything for the pain. I know that I've only been on them for two weeks, and it takes a while for it to build up in my system...

But I'm tired of always being in pain. I want something to help ease it.

She explained to me that it takes up to four weeks, which I get. But I'm barely sleeping and struggling.

I'm happy she helped. She worked in nursing and knows how to get things done without snapping.

...but she has used "Mom voice" on someone when they misgendered me and were rude. It was kinda awesome.

My dose used to be 300mg, but my Neurologist upped it to 900mg of Gabapentin. She has me taking it three times a day. Which I hope does something, because constantly being in pain is driving me insane.

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