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It's been two weeks, so far.

The Gabapentin is not really doing anything, I can't feel any difference. My pain level is still quite high, it stays between a 6-8 on a good day. On bad day, it's a 10.

I really hate the pain scale, but it's the only "reasonable" thing I can use that describes what I'm going through that doctors and my Wife understands.

When Monday comes around, I'm meant to call my neurologist and see if she can up my meds and speak about the pain in my hand. It's only gotten harder to ignore even after I helped with the move.

It was already painful before, and now it's to the point where I have to find workarounds to ensure my thumb doesn't move or I feel a white hot pain throughout my hand and thumb.

This whole situation sucks. I just want one day where I'm not dealing with pain or the feeling that I should just leave everything behind and go out to the wilderness and...

So yeah, life is really stressful and I'm tired.

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