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Life Update: Online Friends Pt2

Well, I mentioned in the first entry that there was too much to talk about, so here's part 2! (Part 1) I not only became an admin for Odetari, but I also became an admin for the #1 Shadow Fan's fanserver. I guess it's a server where people worship RealShadowFan01, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Sonadow. However you may describe the server, it definitely is chaotic as fuck and I love it XD!!

A bit of a funny story on how I became an admin... well to be honest there was an old MOD group, but basically tons of rioting got a lot of the old mod group wiped. It originally started with a group of RealShadowFans friends being mods, but as the server grew to a larger size, more people acting out, more bigots, etc. Unfortunately the old mod team didn't know how to handle such people, and pretty much resulted in a lot of people disagreeing with their leadership skills. No shade to the old mods though, I'm just telling a story that happened months ago. Anyways, a lot of people start speaking out against the moderation in the server, and ShadowFan steps in. Admittedly this guy doesn't really know how to run a server, he's barely online a lot of the time, so he's a bit confused at first. I somehow ended up with a lot of people wanting me to be a mod and to sort out a lot of issues going on in the server. I ended up convincing the owner to give me admin and I ended up rebooting the server in a way.

A lot of people were relieved with having me pretty much run the server but there were a select few who were very salty about the change. I guess it was for the better though. The server is really silly and super fun to be in. In fact a lot of my friends on here are from that server! (You can join the server here)

I realize typing this story feels a bit silly and unnecessary. I guess it's a bit silly to have this be a highlight that I'm proud of. I do feel like I'm bragging about it, but so what if I am? It honestly felt nice that I could fix an issue online, because I have confidence that I can do that sort of thing IRL ^w^

I mean after all that happened I met Odetari, then THAT whole story occured. As of now I'm just chillin ig... nothing too interesting happened. I do troll a bit every now and then jus for funsies :3c

blegh this story is kind of a miss but I'm still gonna post it cuz it might be interesting to some of you guys...
xoxo Felix

Amy Rose is here and love is on her side!

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