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Life Update: Online Friends PT1

Hey guys!! So a lot has been happening since I've been gone. I've mostly been active on discord and Instagram, and I slowly forgot about this site overtime... xd (SO sorry about that btw. My discord is rosesofblood if you want to keep touch with me on there, I'm super active especially in my server, however I would REALLY appreciate if you add me to please tell me that you came from Spacehey. I'll explain below.)

So, obviously lots of drama going on in the internet. Doesn't really help when you involve yourself for fun, or just happen to be an admin for Odetari... Yeah.. that was a thing XD! You may be wondering how that even happened, and those of you keeping up may be wondering how I became mutuals with 6arelyhuman. Well..... I'm actually friends with Odetari! :D We've been good friends for a while actually. It all started back a few months ago, when Odetari was a lot smaller as an artist. His song, "Narcissistic Personality Disorder" was just about to blow up a TON, however it had already gained some popularity. He had posted on his Instagram story how he was looking for someone who could edit his videos and make a lyric video to his song. I ended up messaging him with some examples of my work and he immediately hired me.

A little while later, he opened up a discord server, and since I knew how to run one and he didn't, I quickly became an admin in his discord server. As nice as it was interacting with the rest of his fans and making friends with popular people, it quickly went downhill the longer the server lasted. Constant drama, bullying, harassment, abuse of power from other admins. It was sweet when the server was little but the longer it stood up, the bigger Odetari got, the worse his fanbase got. When the KrushKlub and the Scenecore scene started to expand, so did the fanbase for each artist. I ended up becoming friends with people like Cade Clair, Lumi Athena, iluvern, jnhygs, prodbyAbnormal, Cy4ne, H!tex, H3artcrush, some pretty big names up there. I try to stop talking about past drama but a few of the names I've mentioned are in the middle of getting cancelled for some pretty terrible stuff.

When all this cancellation stuff started happening, Odetari decided he couldn't really handle his discord server or the drama surrounding his friends/collegues. Admittedly I contributed to this by speaking out about a certain artist publicly, but I learned that many of my more popular friends had decided early on that they would also delete their servers to spare themselves from getting involved in drama. On discord all that stuff seems to spread around faster since these people have faster ways of contacting friends of an artist or the artist themselves.

I've personally been trying to lay low regarding all the drama surrounding the KrushKlub scene, but regardless, I'll never forget all the facetimes and deep talks I've had with some of these people.. Not to say this won't ever happen again, well... it won't for a lot of the friends I've made, but some have been so sweet and caring and have been willing to stay my friend. I guess they think I'm cool :3c

enough of all this sappy bullcrap though, If they saw this they'd probably cringe a little bit XD. Anyways thats just ONE of the many adventures i've had on discord dot com.... -_-

(btw PLEASE go listen and support my friends music if you haven't already. Honestly they don't need that much support cuz they already have a lot of streams on their music. Anyways here's some notable names that deserve some love:)

Fontii (Odetaris cover artist)
Neptunes Makeout
Kayla G
Cade Clair
Myri Foxtrot


~(honestly I can't think of any more of my prod friends but def check these ppl out if you like KrushKlub/SigilKore/Scenecore type of music)~

Anyways I hope yall enjoyed my silly little internet blog XD
xoxo Felix

(((Amy Rose)))

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btw I decided to make it a part 1 and part 2 since I've just been involved in TOO much drama. I actually left out some parts that it's best not to talk about (regarding creeps in the music industry). Tbh writing this out on the one place where not many people know whats going on felt cathartic... but maybe I'm just oversharing on yet another social media platform xd

anyways I'm gonna go ahead and type part 2

xoxo Felix

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