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all nighter thoughts.

life hasnt been the best, im still struggling so much with mental health and i think nobody notices how badly ive been trying to keep my head up. it sucks so much but i cant do much about it. im so desperate to end it all but i cant, people keep stopping me and im thankful but sometimes i feel guilt for not doing it. i wish life were easier for me, i cant do this anymore. i need to get rid of it. get rid of everything i feel for atleast a minute, why cant anyone hear my calls, why cant people see how desperate i am to get rid of myself? this might come out as so edgy to people, but its the truth, expressing your problems should be you opening up and expressing what you feel, not sugar coating it, why cant people realize that? im so sick and tired of this. what did i do to deserve anything ive gone through? am i really that bad? please let it stop.

- james.

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