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meaningless summer

was gonna go to the pool today with my best friend but its closed againnnn :(( even tho the guy that was cleaning there said it would be open today :// i might go tomorrow but hes gonna bring his other friends so im stuck overthinking everything. they are nice ppl but i dont rlly talk to them. butttttt something exciting that might happen is i might go to my old girlfirends house :D i hadnt talked to her since foreverrrr but yesterday she called me and was telling me ab some boyssss and brought up that i should go over and smoke with her. we havent smoked together since freshman year, it was pretty fun. its been a long time since i smoked, i dont rlly do it often but i do like the way it makes me feel. like when im high in public the awkwardness i have goes away and i just be talking to anyone. i wish i was like that all the time :/ but oh well its not something i depend on. but i do have a list of drugs i wanna take on this bucketlist i have. dont worryyyy i wont become an addict i can control myself but i just want the experience yk? but anyways ill tell u how it goes with my girlfriend :) (and i mean girlfriend like friend thats a girl lol XD)

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kid, read about drugs before trying them.
ask me if u want, ive tried stuff

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hmm alright, and yeah i do try to read ab them or watch vids

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