Waking the dog as a family.

Date: 4.1 haisoru no kyosa meto 

Length: 19:45

Cookie: Too far. 

Star: I forgot they had feral horses. 


Star: (louder) I forgot they had feral horses. 

Cream: [inaudible], I saw one looking at me. 

Star: Waiting for you to move. 

Cream: They’re afraid of umbrellas. 

Star: Are they really?

Cream: Uh-huh. The owner came out and told me the other day. ‘Cause, I was walking past them and it started like huuuu huuuu huuu and I was like “okay!” And we turned around and started walking back the other way and she came outside and she was like “hey. I just wanted to let you know the horses, they’re afraid of umbrellas.” And I was like, “Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry. Thank you!” 


Star: was that her way of telling you “please don’t use umbrellas around the horses?


Cream: She probably was just letting me know why the horse had acted that way. [inaudible]

[vehicle passing]

Mom: (laughter) [inaudible] and I thought why would people be jealous I thought no one wanted to do it. 

Cream: right. 

Mom: The pay sucks. For the work I do. But then Starshine said it’s because when you’re standing out there on the cash register it looks like I’m not doing anything but sitting. 

Cream: Ahhh~.

Mom: It looks like you’re not doing any work. 

Cream: It looks like you just get to sit all day. 

Mom: Right. You get to sit and play on my phone or do different things. But no, that’s the young girls at night. 

Cream: [inaudible]

Cookie: Oh, here. I’ll take her. 

Mom: That’s enough. That’s enough! We’re walking. We’re walking. Come on. 

Cream: [inaudible] a little better than it did [inaudible]

Mom: Does it? How’s the life jacket? Have you been able to get it on them yet?

Cream: I wasn’t able to snap it on them yet. We’re using it like a drum.

Mom: (laughter)

Little one: uhnnn!

Cream: (laughter) [inaudible] to figure it out. You know how they feel about being confined. 

Mom: Yeah, I was worried about that but they may get it after a little while.

Cream: We’re gonna keep trying. 

Mom: I mean, they-they won’t let you put it on at all?

Cream: Yep. [inaudible]

Mom: Not saying we don’t have one [inaudible]. Huh? But you look so stinking cute! And your face is different today.

Cream: Oh, [inaudible].

Star: I thought- I thought Susie had stopped. 

Cream: Oh, that’s so cute! Oh my god! [indistinct]

Mom: Oh my god, look at starshine.

Star: (laughter)

Cream: it’s perfect. Starshine’s in the background menacing.

Mom: making the face.


Mom: you were doing it the whole time! You knew the camera was out. Look at you. 

Cream: oh my god, please send me that. 

Star: I can’t risk there being a decent picture of me. 

Cream: too dangerous of a game. 


Mom: -Little one-

Cookie: right.

Mom: Uniquely little one. Uniquely little one. That’s what I was trying to do. Grab something that wasn’t posed or…

Cream: right!

Mom: Uniquely Little One. 

Star: what’s that smell

Cream: probably horse poop. 


Star: rain falling on things don’t normally- doesn’t smell like that. 


Star: I wonder what they’re water bill is like. 

Cream: Right!

Mom: I think that’s a natural spring. 

Cream: Oh! And it comes from in there?

Mom: [indistinct] I think that’s a natural spring. 

Cream: and the rain, like, replenishes it. 

Star: okay…

Mom: it comes from the ground. [indistinct]


Star: oh! This corner is the bathroom. I see. 

Mom: [inaudible] Like the cat’s bathroom. 


Star: It never occurred to me that outside animals would pick a spot to use as a bathroom.

Cream: right, right.

Star: like I just figured they went where they… were.

Cream: [indistinct] where they are in the moment. I didn’t know that they go to a specific place.

Mom: well they probably feel a lot more secure.


Cream: [indistinct] but it was like a gallon a day. More than a gallon.


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