college is hard even when you’re not in college

writhing in agony. if anybody has any advice i’d really appreciate it but like, an opportunity to continue college came up and i kind of thought of myself as done after i got an associate’s degree but now this along with a friend encouraging me and my inability to get a job (not that i’ve applied but my home situation is preventing me from it) i’m considering it again.

but i don’t have any job i want or know what i want to major in at all. i also don’t feel like i’m built for college in general, but i don’t know. what else am i supposed to do? i like ece but it’s useless given how ridiculously low paying the jobs are. linguistics, i’m not sure what work i could possibly get out of that. and i’m not sure what else.

there’s hardly any other things i’m interested in studying.

i sort of want to study abroad as well just to get out into the world a bit and get time away from my family, but i’ve never looked into that before

i’m not sure what to do, thinking about it overwhelms me too easily 

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