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Bed Bound Chronicles, pt. 3

Day 9. *sigh*

So despite my time at the hospital yesterday, and the meds they gave me, I'm still bed bound. And also somehow I am in even more pain. so. .-. needless to say I am not thrilled.

I've found myself diving into music even more while being bed bound this time. I've discovered lots of new artists, and found new songs I love. the list is far too long to really name them all, but it's just been comforting to me to have music playing while I've laid here. I find myself jumping from genre to genre, everything from modern country, to punk screamo, to instrumental covers, to vintage music from the 50's and 60's, to singer songwriter, to R&B, to pop, and everything in between. It's less about the genre and more about lyrics, melody, and vibes for me. I have yet to find a genre of music that I can't find at least one song I like in it. I just love how music is so diverse and vast, and transcends language. It's really special to me <3

I have a chiropractor appointment tomorrow, which should be interesting getting in and out of the car and such for that. But it helps with my pain management, so I really don't want to miss the appointment. it will just be tougher than usual.

It seems to me that I am settling into a new normal for my symptoms, which I am not really happy about tbh. but that is life with disabilities, they change and get worse over time. the hardest part is having to grieve every version of your past self over and over again. Even after all these years I've never gotten better at that.


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