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Her hair long black hair flowing in the misted breeze. The slight breeze smelled of vanilla rose petals. Her hands covered in graphite pencil from her sketchy line paper. The shavings of dull eraser around her. Her pencil in hand as another rests behind her ear. As Amon gazed at the sight of her not knowing a single thing  not even her name.  

Amon walks over to try to start a conversation looking down he glanced across her sketches all the sudden the wind starts to be a bit harsh as he starts to walk away the girl turns and meets his eyes all the sudden it had seemed to them as time had stopped. The girl began to stand up gathering her belongings and the harsh wind whipped across the table all her sketches went drifting off in the breeze. Amon had started chasing after these drawings of hers gathering the last one he turns to return them and she was gone.

Amon looked around but she was no where in sight of him he stuck the sketches in his bag when he see's her again he swords to himself he'd return them. Walking to class in a daze he couldn't get this girl out of his head thinking to himself perhaps its because he had something to return but yet even though the thought of returning them he hated only to find another reason to see her again...

{Bell Rings}

"I've been wanting to write so why not just post it ?"

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