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3 Things To Do To Make SpaceHey Even Better

If you want to get the full SpaceHey experience, for now and the future, you should do three things:

  1. Whitelist SpaceHey in your adblocker of choice. There aren't any ads on SpaceHey right now but if there ever are, I think we can all agree that An is deserving of any revenue for building this amazing community. So if you have an adblocker in your browser, look up how to whitelist a domain, then whitelist
  2. Allow audio to auto-play on SpaceHey if you're on desktop. I know that autoplaying music is the bane of most people's existence, but c'mon, it's really part of the classic MySpace experience. In your browser settings (for Safari on desktop, it's under Preferences > Websites > Auto-Play; for Chrome, it's Settings > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > Media > Auto-Play; look up Google for other browsers) you should enable auto-play audio on so everyone's music plays. Thanks to Crimson in the comments, here's another way to do it: "Go to Privacy and Security > Site Settings > View Permissions and Date (Below your recent activity) > > Scroll to "Sound" > Click the drop down icon and hit "Allow""
  3. Add me as a friend. I'm very nice.

So there you go! Three things you can do to make your browsing experience here on SpaceHey even better.

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For anyone using the Brave Browser ---> type in 'brave://settings/content' in the address bar and click on 'Additional Permissions.'

The autoplay feature should appear below!

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To anyone who says they can't find the "media" option, I think I have found an alternative. Go to Privacy and Security > Site Settings > View Permissions and Date (Below your recent activity) > > Scroll to "Sound" > Click the drop down icon and hit "Allow"

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Thank you for the info!

by Ryan Lowe; ; Report

Thank you!

by Karen T Morales; ; Report


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how do i share to my profile i got i two work thanks man

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there is no media button

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This is all amazing advice

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Totally agree! One of the things I love most about this website is to check out other people's profiles and see what vibes they got going on there.

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Ok thx for sharing it is very appreciated it

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Kelly Chaos™️

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Does this work if you have Spotify on your page?

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As far as I'm aware, Spotify doesn't have an autoplay feature. But I wrote a blog on the process to get a youtube playlist to autoplay:

by Cory ; ; Report

I went i to the site settings and "media" isn't even an option. Not from my phone anyway. I don't see it anywhere.

by Kelly Chaos™️; ; Report

Ohhhh okay, gotcha

by Kelly Chaos™️; ; Report

It doesn't work on the phone; these instructions are only for desktop. I'll clarify that in my post.

by Cory ; ; Report

I figured that out after haha

by Kelly Chaos™️; ; Report