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🖥 Code Snippet: Autoplay Music

Edit Nov 27 2021: This should still work, even with the changes An made to how media works. If it doesn’t, make sure you’ve allowed YouTube access to you on SpaceHey, by going to someone’s page who has a video and allowing access to it.

OK, make a public or unlisted playlist on YouTube and load it with the music you want, then use this code. It is working! Thanks to subfuse for figuring this out! Your playlist can be as long as you'd like, and each song can be as long as you'd like, as far as I can tell.

Caveats: Ad blockers need to be completely off, or at least passing though YouTube and SpaceHey. (But we should be allowing ads on SpaceHey anyway just in case, to support An) In my testing, it works in Safari only when a user clicks on the browser anywhere within like the first second of the page loading. (I'm mulling over how to fix that.) Chrome it works better, Edge it works great. Firefox it may not work at all. It will definitely not work on mobile.

More caveats: YOUR WEB BROWSER NEEDS TO ALLOW AUDIO TO AUTOPLAY! If you go to my profile and don't hear music, then your browser is set to disallow autoplay! 

IF YOU ARE ON SAFARI ON DESKTOP: Preferences ⇢ Websites ⇢ Auto-Play
IF YOU ARE ON CHROME ON DESKTOP: Privacy and Security ⇢ Site Settings ⇢ View Permissions and Date (Below your recent activity) ⇢ ⇢ Scroll to "Sound" ⇢Click the drop down icon and hit "Allow"

<iframe style="opacity:0;position:absolute;pointer-events:none;" frameborder="no" src="[YOUR YOUTUBE PLAYLIST ID HERE];&autoplay=1" allowfullscreen=""></iframe></p>

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Modern day spacehey hero

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thank u ganger !

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I've tried everything to get this to work with a playlist, I can only get it to work with one song. I'm able to add a playlist but I can't get it to autoplay :( My windows settings have autoplay on and I turned off adblocker. I use microsoft edge, are there other settings for autoplay I have to switch on other than the windows settings? Please help!!!

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i have the exact same problem ugh

by ☆ Molly; ; Report


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Hey everyone!! This code didn't work for me either but I found a code that works! My friend shared it on his blog post. Here's the link to the post:

Remember to ONLY copy the id of the video in

video id


For example, in, only copy 3TPKjPJUEvo

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the blog is private D:

by toonkidd; ; Report


by yk0uma; ; Report

My pleasure!! I'm so glad it worked for you:D

by EmoFag666; ; Report


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hi what if i wanted to add a sound from soudcloud?

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Семён Семененко

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Mine autoplays most of the time but the player is still visible. how do i make it completely invisible?

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After writing this i wondered if its my layout thats the issue, will test it later

by Семён Семененко; ; Report

your style sets all iframes to 66% opacity

by Cory ; ; Report

Ah yea that would do it LOL, thanks

by Семён Семененко; ; Report


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Cuban Ricki

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Need help

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how did you get yours to work?

by Vibe Smith; ; Report


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how do i do it its not working need help :(

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i need help too omg

by Plushhpinkk💞; ; Report

Oh Dats Brazil

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not working

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by Surfboart Sashaa; ; Report

Make sure your web browser allows audio to play automatically, however you need to do that.

by Cory ; ; Report


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need help with it not working

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Naomiii ♥

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not working for me :((

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it wont play and the youtube video is missing on my profile

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same, its not working for me either.

by Dark Queen; ; Report

Mr.timer ( Lucifer )

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it dont work for me

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What are you having issues with? Maybe I can help! I just got it working.

by mossfaerie; ; Report


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tried this, got my friend @mixxc to try it, didnt work :-( help plz?

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did you make sure you put your songs in a public playlist? Also did you make sure your browser allows auto-play?

by Cory ; ; Report

we found out a new way to make it work ^^; but yea it was unlisted and i made sure autoplay was on

by Rebel_R0xxx; ; Report

Please share the new way

by Cory ; ; Report

i think it was just a tweaked version of your way now that im looking at it o.o weird how it didnt work before

by Rebel_R0xxx; ; Report

can you share the code that you got to work please? im trying to get the original to work but its not

by testing layouts dni; ; Report

hi how did you get this to work? i've been trying for hours now please

by Meli; ; Report


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This worked thank you x x

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no problem!

by Cory ; ; Report


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it doesn't work for me i did

this like that but it didn't show the youtube thing

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Same, made sure it was public too. I think we just need to use different players for it to work now, I see a lot of third party players working

by Abstraktionary; ; Report

oh i see thanks

by COCO; ; Report


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Will this work with spotify as well?

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I can’t guarantee it’ll work with Spotify.

by Cory ; ; Report

spotify already has a "copy embed" feature when you go to share a playlist. it will give you a premade code that will work on its own

by 💕🥛Milkyyyx🥛💕; ; Report


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