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some keywords to watch out for

pedophiles, zoophiles, necrophiles, other horrible people and supporters of them use some words to describe themselves and community (there’s apparently a whole community. yeah. it’s awful) that aren’t very obvious on the surface so given that i have unfortunately learned of them thought i’d share so people can watch out for them, especially minors online, please be careful!

i’m making this at the cost of my sanity help

  • MAP/NOMAP - Minor Attracted Person, Non-Offending Minor Attracted Person

a lot of people know this one already but i want to mention it for those that don’t. this is also used as an acronym for multi-animator projects which is a totally different and innocent thing which is unfortunate but it’s easy to tell the different just based on context (written in a profile about v.s. in a youtube title)

there’s also a flag for it, so watch out for it in icons or art

  • radqueer
as i understand it’s meant as in “radical inclusion” of queer identities, aka the type of people who say that being a pedophile counts as an lgbt identity. also for identities i will get into in this list

  • pro-para

pro-paraphilias which is in reference to pedophiles/necrophiles/zoophiles

  • paraphile
word for pedophiles/necrophiles/zoophiles and the like, there are other "paras" that aren't disturbing and harmful but it's best to avoid one who labels themself this way unless you know for sure
  • pro-contact (pro-c)

enabling the behaviors of aforementioned pedos/necros/zoos, such as pro pedophiles making contact with minors

  • transx, transid, transage, transabled, transtrauma, transrace, transspecies

these basically are all about the same thing, which is “trans” identities where people identify as like disabled (transabled) or a different age (transage) transage is specifically a one to watch for because they tend to be pedophiles with “age dysphoria” and think that them identifying as a kid excuses their attraction to kids

note that some of these terms (including the two below) were originally used by other not fucked up groups of people such as therians, age regressors, etc but were adopted by this community. should best check a bit more for other indicators in the case that some of the former people still use these terms and have nothing to do with the latter

  • altage, chronosian 

more words for transage (above)

  • BIID - Body Integrity Identity Disorder

can overlap transabled BUT!!!! to be clear this is a genuine recognized mental disorder about wanting to amputate onself’s body parts (or be blind/paralyzed) that doesn’t NECESSARILY overlap with these other things though it still sometimes does. so if someone calls themselves BIID, i would just check for them also calling themselves transabled and other terms here before assuming they’re a bad person because it is also just a genuine mental illness

  • 🌈🍓

i genuinely don’t understand what this emoji combination is supposed to mean exactly but a lot of these people seem to use it to signal themselves to other people so. i’m including it

  • consang

apparently this is just a Special Word for incest so, throwing pro incest people in the mix

  • AAM - Adult Attracted Minor

okay this is not a “watch out dangerous person” this is “minor that needs help” which you should try to help get out of the community of pedophiles they’re in if you can because it’s a label for children who are attracted to and seeking relationships with adults

pedophiles online seem to do this thing where they convince minors that being attracted to people not your age is normal and acceptable, which children (including teens!) are impressionable and fall for that by the logic tht they’re attracted to people older than them despite the fact that is a completely normal occurrence 

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just wanted 2 let u know chronosian is not meant to be an alternate term for transage! here is the quote from the original coining post (which you can find here:

"Chronosian is an umbrella term for those who perceive their age differently than what their body physically is, either all of of the time or periodically. This may include people who are neurodivergent in some sense, plural system members, age regressors, being trauma-stuck, and much more."

another notable quote from the coining post:

"This term is not inclusive of those who wish to use it for harm. Those who are bodily adults should not be dating people who are underage. Pedophilia should not be acted upon, and being chronosian, or just having a different perceived age in general, is not an excuse to be a predator in any way, shape, or form. Body age matters most when it comes to laws, dating, attraction, and adjacent. I do not consent to this term being used by people who disagree."

basically, it's not a pedophilia thing

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I know this blog is about 6 months old, but I just wanted to clarify a few things for you /nm

1) Yes, radqueers do use the term "paraphile" to refer to themself, but theres more paras then just what they call "the big three," its just that they use the term for those ones or they're the most well known. So someone saying they have paras or that they're a paraphile doesn't automatically mean they're a pedo/zoo/necro, but do be weary until you're sure

2) Pro-contact doesn't just mean pedophiles making contact with minors. Like I mentioned with the "big three" (pedophilia, zoophilia, necrophilia), a radqueer could be (in their words) "anti-contact for pedophilia but pro-contact for necrophilia." But according to them, "I'm pro-contact for the *harmless* ones I'm not a pedo but I do hang out with them and support them "

3) Transspecies was originally an otherkin/therian term that radqueers stole. Similarly to transrace (originally used by people adopted into a family of another race), transage (age regressors), chronosian (similar to transage), and thats all the ones I know.

Anyway, good blog, hopefully more people see this 👍

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thank you for the clarification, I'll edit the blog to be more accurate sometime!

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These are all disgusting, thanks for putting the word out

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no problem o7

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