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i missed spacehey

i've been here but i've been sort of ghosting just updating my art thread.. which you can see here if you want, i really like keeping it updated it makes me feel productive! motivates me to keep drawing. i can't post the art i make in blogs or bulletins because it makes me self concious, i don't want to spam u_u

though i've been focusing so much on art i've forgotten to do a lot of other things and with artfight coming up i think i'm going to be even more absorbed in art... i'm still really excited about artfight though! and it's tomorrow!

i've been reading this tumblr blog which is just people complaining about artfight which i just think it's funny to read, it's like... people way too invested in it and in a not fun way, you create headaches for yourself when you do that

ANYWAYS. i'm going to try being more active on spacehey again! i like interacting with people and seeing people's interests and pages... it's refreshing in a way

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