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[vent] day 4 without my comfort item (it got worse)

Just as I thought shit couldn't get worse, my parents took my phone last night and won't even tell me why. I'm literally about to kill myself istg i hate this piece of shit life. it seems that no matter what i do things just get fucking worse and everyone hates me more and more and i can't fucking take it anymore... i'm genuenly am going to do it. nothing matters to me anymore. If I update this blog, someone caught me.

I'm sorry tony crynight. I failed you...

UPDATE: so nobody caught me luckily, but Good news: I found my comfort item! Bad news: I think I might either be a stupid bitch or severly mentaly ill (with PTSD and other uncanny shit), because I was literally self harming for 4 fucking days and actually attempted suicide only to find out the comfort item was in my bag the whole time along with extra large sour patch kids.

Also I still don't have my phone. 

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