what's up guys !!! >.<

i am broke asf !! 

where shall i obtain a silly little job where i can make silly little coins to buy silly little outfits?

(discord e-kitten is a no-no plz)

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learn a skill!!! there are ton of online courses for things like ux design, digital marketing, web design, etc, you dont need a degree to work in any of these areas

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hardware stores, if you're looking to keep in a service industry. in my experience, the customers there are far nicer than food service, for example. but anyway, hardware stores pay decent for what they are, particularly if you work as a sales associate instead of a cashier or order picker.

grocery stores may also be something. here in texas we have a couple chains that pride themselves on being community-driven and so they're actually an alright place to work. and of course, depending on the job, you may never even need to say a word to a customer.

night stocking in both types of stores are in high demand rn, btw.

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good ideas ! i'll think abt them ~ ty !! :p

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of course

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don't work in the service industry if you can avoid it, customer service has turned a part of me hateful and bitter, it has convinced that at least half the population is not sentient

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i've worked in the food industry since 2021, nursing home and restaurant ! thought it wasn't for me for a while, but it got better after a bit !

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summer camps can be pretty fun!!

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i live in a place where kiddos dont really live,, no summer camps around my area :(

plus i just moved here about a week ago so 3

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aw! Well, I hope you'll be able to find something you'll enjoy at least! c:

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ty !!~

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do hotel night shift its really fun

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i dont live near any hotels or cities,, im turning to remote work 3

also i used to work as a hostess and tutor, so that's a taste of what im used to- if u have any suggestions :p

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omg im a tutor right now AWESOME

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we r the same person 4real!!

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