When I tell you that I am the luckiest girl to ever exist, I mean it. Nobody compares to my girlfriend. She is so beautiful. Every time I see her my heart stutters a bit just to admire her. She’s so beautiful. It always looks like there’s an aura of light around her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is secretly an angel in disguise. My girlfriend is just so wonderful and gorgeous. I literally want to write poems about her, write songs about her, everything I can just do she knows I love her so much. And she can argue that she loves me more but she doesn’t. I worship the literal ground she walks on, even if I don’t act like it. Every song I listen to that has the slightest bit of romance, I immediately think of her. I wouldn’t say we are long distance since she’s only 30 minutes away, but it sure feels like it. Every day that I’m not with her it feels like a stab in the chest. However, those days that I do see her are the days that I feel like I’m in heaven. Just standing next to her feels like I’m in heaven, istfg. Holding her hand feels like heaven. When she’s touching my face it feels like heaven. When she speaks Spanish it feels like heaven. I might not be religious, but I pray that we last. And I will put forth ANY effort that is needed. My tarot cards have told me COUNTLESS times that she is the one I need. I’m not letting this one go, I’d have to die in order for that to happen. And if she dies, I’ll die with her. I’d do anything for her. If she was a vampire I’d slit my wrists just for her. She is as beautiful as a red rose that just blossomed in a field full of daises. She sticks out in any crowd with her beauty. Her voice, her face, her skin, her hair, her nails, everything and anything about her is just as beautiful as the last. She looks like one of those space nebulas that were taken on a high definition camera, just straight ethereal. She’s like one of those classical songs that once you hear it, you immediately fall in love. Every time I kiss her, I just want to go back in for more. My stomach literally erupts into a swarm of butterflies when it happens. She’s my beautiful girl, and will always be my beautiful girl. She is just as beautiful as the song “love song” by the Cure. Which just so happens to be our song. She’s just so amazing. I love her so much. So so so so so much. I want her. I need her. 24/7 365. I love my beautiful girl and nothing will ever change that

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so real dude wish i could love some1 like this X)) stay happy u 2!!1!

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TYSM ^_^

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