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june 18 2023

today i didn't really do much i read a 68k word chiscara fic GOD IT WAS SOOO GOOD but i had to pause from reading bc some parts were so embarrassing.. that fic took me 6 hours to read 11am-5pm.

i had the worst headache today butttt i think i'm feeling better but i don't want to go into work tomorrow so i might pretend to be a little sicker than i am tomorrow morning to see if my mother will let me stay off!! i always feel really bad when i miss a day i feel like i'm ruining my life. i need a whole month off i can't be doing this anymore, i hate work it makes me sooo tired i really hate it. i want my life back. 

everyone around me said that leaving school at my age was a bad idea but i don't really think so, i needed time because my mental heath got really bad and i could barely even go a week staying in school so i just left. the only bad thing was getting a job. well it has its pros and cons. the pros were my ppl skills got better, earning money.. actually that's it and the cons are waking up at 6AM, leaving work at 4PM, being tired all the time, not being able to do anything i enjoy because i have no time, barely having any holidays, the list could go on but i cba to write anymore :3

anyways i hate my job ://

tmrw is another day!! mwah!!

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