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17 Jun 2023

This is maybe, like. My millionth attempt at an extended bio that gives actual info on me instead of a million stamps and rickrolls.

My name is Nikita (Nick, Niče) or Nadežda (Nadya), and I joined this site because I thought it was neat. This was back before we had hit a quarter million users or whatever the milestone was. The site wasn't even a year old yet. I guess technically I'm a FriendProject refugee, but I didn't really use the site.

I don't think I've ever made a name for myself, but if I seem familiar, I'm the one who wrote The Kin Chronicles, a series of post about otherkin and also drama. It's pretty old and definitely kind of stale.

When I initially wrote this, the Yanderebitchclub post gained popularity due to a former member getting a callout post that linked this at the bottom. I know it says 'former callouts', but I'm not 'calling out' things that happened years ago, I'm just documenting what happened since it was kind of really funny. I'm not sure I can help you with inquiries about Satoko.

I'm a hobbyist translator and archivist, and I live on a ranch. I have a minor data hoarding problem and this will get even worse once I have removable storage for anything other than my own shit. If you're nice about it, maybe I'll translate something into English for you (from French or Russian).

Music is a huge part of my life. I translate a lot of biographies of Soviet artists in my free time and often go on music 'binges' where I just download a bunch of shit I run into. Currently it seems to be Japanese doujin music, notably trance. I could probably hit you with a recommendation if you send me stuff you usually listen to.

I am not a math nerd, but I love learning about the various flavours of BASIC and also am probably going to switch to Linux once I learn how it works. Most of my knowledge is unfortunately limited to the Commodore 64 and NEC PC-98, so it's either too boring or too horny for anyone under 18 or like, 40.

I don't have a BYF or DNI—what you see is what you get. I'm 20, so I'm not huge on hanging around kids, but I'm not usually posting 'adults only' stuff, so feel free to friend me. Just please don't friend me if you're under 13, since that's against the site rules and I'll probably report you. (If you're faking your age, be nice and just don't talk to me—I remember doing that as a kid, too, but I'd rather know who I'm talking to. Wouldn't you?)

Older folk are always welcome on my profile. I grew up mostly around middle aged and over the hill people, so I'm completely comfortable with it as long as you are.

If I think you're weird or evil or something, I'll just block you. I know a lot of insane people, though, so it's a high bar. Also, if someone I'm friends with on here is weird or evil, feel free to let me know. I'm gonna need some kind of proof so I can come to my own conclusions, though, since a lot of the kids on here will call each other out for made up things that have been misinterpreted since I was a kid. Lots of ragebait on this site, I'm honestly surprised anyone from TikTok even wanted to be here.


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