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hello everyone, it is me and max. we are back from the dead. Now i will read you a story that we have wrote:

It was a sexy, cold November day. I woke up to the bodacious smell of human meat roasting in the treehouse downstairs. I slimed down the stairs to see if I could help conceive the dinner. My mom said “see if gardner needs a fresh god,” so I carried a tray of glasses full of discharge into the escape room. When i got there, I couldn't believe my elbow! The follicles were spanking on the croatia. 

also, my teacher just racially stereotyped me as a gay person and told me to kms. Just kidding. 


where have you been? a house in nebraska

are you okay? moderately

Can we listen to the rio soundtrack? yes

Do you have a stig? no i was gonna ask u

love max and ella

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