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june 14 2023

i didn't go to work today, my manager is gonna kill me. my mum told me three ppl went up to the office at work... i hope i don't go up tomorrow, my manager scares me a lot. 

the weather is so humid and hot, I'm getting headaches everyday i feel dizzy while at work.

today while everyone else worked i stayed home and watched shameless and i drew. found out im shit at drawing front profiles and OCs like nothing comes to mind when i draw OCs.. hopefully i'll get better at it in a couple years!! 

nothing interesting happened today but tomorrow is another day!! bye bye :3

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That sounds sad, hope you'll get better as the weather is changing, you can try taking vitamins for a few days and see if it helps. As for ur manager, try focusing on something else, its not the end of the world that you missed a day of work,. Im sure they'll understand that you were feeling too bad to get up in the morning.

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omggg ur so smart i should take some vitamins!! also about my manager she didn't say anything i was just overthinking T-T thanks for the comment! <3

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No problem, hope ya get better!!

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