I just witnessed one of the greatest mob movies ever

SlipMoth's Movie Journal (14/06/23)

So I watched Casino (1995) directed by Martin Scorsese and I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did, like each Scorsese film is different from the last I don't know why I was expecting a Goodfellas clone but this was the greatest Mob movie I've ever seen and the greatest scorsese movie I've ever seen. It is prefect. It has this Frantic energy but also this weird dreaminess to it all the way through. The scope is bigger than Goodfellas and it goes more in depth with its characters. In Goodfellas Henry Hill was a big Piece of shit throughout the movie but he was fun to watch but in this movie Ace or Sam whatever you want to call him starts out alright and is even redeemable in some ways, he expresses multiple times that he wants to run a legitimate business and sometimes he's an asshole about it but he's not as awful as some other mobster characters I've seen. Of course a lot of people mention Ginger and she's Ace's wife and they have a turbulent relationship but still I don't think either of them is without fault but Ginger is one of my favorite Scorsese characters, when you watch the movie you'll see how her character devolves because of Ace and same with Ace because of her. I give Casino a...


As always please read the trigger warnings, this is a Mob movie and a Scorsese movie, they will find the most creative ways to dispose of someone so do yourself a favor and read the trigger warnings for this and of course thank you for reading this.

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sweet, have you seen taxi driver?

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Yeah, I didn't get it when I first saw it but I rewatched it recently and it's one of my favorite character studies now

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