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are there roleplayers on here..

I FEEL LIKE it would be fun to try to get a roleplay group on here esp since there r more people my age but the thing is do the individuals my age on here understand the sacred texts (roleplaying)... im scared of other 15 and 16 years olds ok.... do they understand my horrors? will they ever?

umm on that note if youre around my age (16) maybe we could form an rp group or something! i just think it would be fun idk :]!! is this cringy? sowwy.. idk im not sure anyone will comment but like. you can simply yearn, and thus, only dream..

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I do a bit, what kind of stuff do you like to rp?

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I prommy you there are many roleplayers of every age (i'd totes join too :3)

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