[VENT] 6/13/2023

okay so me and my boyfriend have been together for a little over a year now. This is both our first relationship and we've had our ups and downs (ofc like a normal relationship).

But the thing is, he has been distant from me the last few months and we've talked about it and he said he would try to work on it but nothing ever happend. And keep in mind, i've tried to talk to him about it for like a hundred times now and still no changes.

I love him so much yk and i dont wanna break up with him but all my friends tell me its for the best if i would and that this is starting to look toxic and bad for my mental health. It's just that i somewhere still have hope that he would change and things will get back to how it used to be.

And i know we cant go back to the past and he most likely won't change any time soon, i just miss how he used to be.

But i dont know what to do anymore since it doesnt feel worthy anymore to try my best anymore for him since he wont do the same.

Im just so confused and dont know what to do anymore

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go break up with him, I never had a bf but I was in this kind of a sitution with my ex friend and the only thing I can say is if you are having mixed emotions like one day he loves you and the other day he doesn't want to be with you than its a sign that u should stop seeing him, yes its gonna be hard but after a few months you are going to thank yourself

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Yeah I've tried to tell him yesterday that I'm rethinking this relationship and wanna talk about it irl but he kept trying to keep the conversation going and making himself look like the victim. I wanna at least try to give this relationship a break for a few weeks before deciding whether I want and can break up with him.
Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it<3

by R0x_Cr0cs; ; Report

Your welcome sweetie! you know urself better so do whatever makes you feel happy. A break can be good maybe it will change the stuffs in a good way.

by Rain; ; Report

Yes, I really hope that he maybe will see the problem and maybe change.
I can't thank you enough for at least trying to help me<3

by R0x_Cr0cs; ; Report

Hope u get better <3

by Rain; ; Report