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consider: old quotev revival

nobody gets me and my inherent need for old 2014 quotev. like just fullstop!!!!! sorry for abusing the blog feature btw i just need to SCREAM and maybe someone will hear me. ofc i know its highly unlikely this will ever happen but listen surely i can dream.. maybe one day it will happen and i perhaps will be so elated and overjoyed and yahoo and jump jump. do you see the vision my dear friends.

im also just a rlly big fan of the old profile layout idk maybe i am CRAZY.

EDIT: OR HONESTLY ANY OLD QUOTEV. IM INSANE. I NEED OLD QUOTEV. cant take it antymore i canttake the circles i cant take the circles i cant tak ethe circles i cant take the circlws

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i swear its not all because of yellow notifications i swear its not all because of colored text guys *shaking*

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