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i needto tlak about my ocs

i am getting a desperate urge to ramble about my ocs if only anyone could hear my pleas in this cruel fucked up world. if anybody can hear me you must speak nor or else i may never once more breathe life into the essence of creatioN What the fuck . anyways you heard me ifyou can hear me RUN AT ME NOW AND I WILL DO IT

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You're welcome to reply to this comment with any oc info you'd like to share :3

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OMG YIPPEE. thank you !!

okok so ive been working on this one ocverse of mine ermmm i jus call it ???verse cuz idk what to name it but! anyways its kinda really fucked up. my ocs are going thru it just fullstop. .... when i think about it, i realize when i want to ramble about my ocs i just cant and it sucks so bad cuz idk what to talk about!! the verse itself? the characters within it? and if the characters, then a specific character or a group of them? truly.. it is a conundrum. im so bad at rambling until i do so entirely unprompted its so bad. worse cuz this entire verse is a wip as its an entire rework of its former iteration

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Why not start with telling me the ordinal iteration and its differences?

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