Spirit of the gods; J11

There were four elements and they were basically deities. the elements were water, lightning, electricity, and fire. I don’t know why air and earth were replaced with practically the same thing, but that was a new religion that worships the god’s god. so the deities had a Deity that they worshiped. unbeknownst to this new religion this higher God had a council of gods that he worshiped. 

I helped the water God get the water back because they each had these orbs that were basically their power, and they had been stolen or lost, and so in order to keep the Earth in balance I had to get the water back. 

instead of water flowing like it was supposed to it was barely a trickle, and if I remember correctly, the lightning Deity was in control of the air as well. And so it became an issue with the air was becoming stagnant. The fire was barely burning. You know things were starting to not work and I got it back, but then I went missing. 

I guess I went forward in time and backwards in time at the same time. but the water Deity also remembered what had happened and knew where the water source was and instead of waiting for me to help him get it, he decided he was going to get it early  And destroyed everything. it was a bad time. 

and so 100 years in the future, forward in time where I was, I was running through a ship trying not to be seen and I was aware that I could communicate with technology and so the further I got in the ship the more confident I became- to the point where I didn’t even have to touch the consoles to get the doors to open. They were open before I got to them.  

And so i went further and further down I went down a flight of stairs and had told a door to open to trick the person running after me to go through the door and it worked. And I went all the way down the flight of stairs and there was a cafeteria and there was a school down there and I recognized the girl I went to school with Kylie A., and so I then, after trying to talk to her for bed, I started running through this floor, which was some strange Supermarket layout. 

Someone told somebody else to let me be because I was going to find the air sphere which belong to the lightning god because it was hidden somewhere on the ship, and I would have to, by myself, go through and touch things, and find where it was hidden in the walls and get to it. 

I went into a massive hallway behind a door that was filled from the floor to the roof with lockers and it was right behind the computer section. one locker was a computer that wasn’t turned on, and we had to pull a or two fake computer covers off of the computer. A blonde girl was helping me. it was right in between the class changes so we couldn’t open the computer because we had to turn it on, and while you were turning it on, pull back and hook your hand into the button and it would open like a door. I would then crawl through into a forest and get the orb. 

But there were so many people walking in and we couldn’t have anybody see us so we had to stand there and wait and talk. we were trying to figure out what we would do between the class changes because the teachers would come in and make sure nobody was lingering 

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