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Friends and migraines

Today’s going a bit slowly. 

one of my friends, who I will call Jasper, came back early from Utah. They came home at about 1:30 this morning and I figured they would sleep because of jet lag, but they will be going to pride in the city today, so I’m happy for them. 

Another one of my friends, her name is Aaron for the purposes of this blog, recently had to get a new phone because her’s broke. so when I messaged her to ask her how she was doing, she had to ask who I was, but that was cleared up very quickly. she has also made a pregnancy announcement as of yesterday, so I’m very happy for her and her husband. 

Another one of my friends, who I will call tala, is doing pretty Okay today. nothing exciting in her life As far as I can tell.

another friend, who I will call Ken, seems to be doing Okay too. He was surprised my history with migraines. I told him I had one all week probably because of the rain he was like “oh did you make an appointment?”

I was like “why would I need to make an appointment?”

 And he was like “bro that’s a pretty long time to have a migraine”

like Bro you don’t understand it wasn’t until couple months ago that I had been for the first time in my life without a migraine. like I literally for as far back as I can remember have had a migraine until I was put on Lexapro. I have chronic migraines due to depression, and I didn’t know until early 2022 that people didn’t walk around all the time with their heads hurting. It was weird. 


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