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organic connections

I fear that once this gains more ground that ads will slowly start to seep into this place. Not by corporations but by small businesses at first...which is ok i guess, but I'd like for it to not be so marketplacey. I like the organic evolution of creative people doing their own thing and then being drawn--not sold-- to the art. The ads and suggestions from other platforms were too intrusive. I could've liked one soap piece or blender and then I'm getting bombarded with soap art and Nordstrom deals for athletic mixers every 3 posts down my feed. Nah I feel like I was being stalked there by someone's obsessive little fanatic brother offering me product for my approval. creeps. 

I recall when people put together playlists and layouts on Myspace and friends would talk about it in real life and we just had to go check it out. Some people even gained their nicknames because we saw their names so often but didn't meet them yet (i.e. "Michael from Myspace") was someone floating around the interwebs but when I finally met him at a church function it was fun to finally put a face to a name. It was a pivotal moment that this really was people we were already connected to. It wasn't just some random weirdo adding people for the sake of numbers (ahem, followers) and to be intrusive and look at your pictures or try to holla (lol). Michael from Myspace became a friend and would hang out with our group for lunch breaks. The connection was organic. I don't know where he is now but that was cool. 

Even before the age of Covid and mass quarantining the connection was long lost. Everyone had the ability to see what everyone was doing or not doing at all times but there was no REAL fundamental connections. Someone could look into your life and not interact with you. It's like jumping into the middle of movie and inferring that this person's life was only the last 1/4 of the film. IG and FB especially painted a false narrative of success and how fake #blessed people were. Everyone had airbrushed photos and things-- lots of things-- cars, dogs, purses, shoes, nails--YOU NAME IT. There was something lost though-- the heart was gone. The reality of social media was that it indeed became a place like the 50s where wives socialized and spoke only about the great parts of their marriage but shied away from revealing their abusive husband's hands and words. It also allowed for the false narrative that guys could be posting their beautiful wives and how much they love and appreciate her while still texting their ex girlfriend that they fucked up and are still in love with them. There is no truth on a platform that sells shit. 

I hope for better things for this platform though. I know it won't be forever-- not all things will last but for now, let's be honest with each other and make this space the least cringey version of social media. 

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