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Rock in the Park 09/06/2023

I arrived at West End park a little later than I was expecting (I was supposed to leave the house at 6pm to get there when the event started) because of my damn nail varnish taking way longer than it should have (it was really watery??? Idk why, I think this new nail varnish is just crap), so when I got there, Harry Wenman had almost finished his set. He was really good, it was just him and his guitar, but it was very good! I think he played one or two songs (that I saw, because I was late). When he finished, the person who organised the event spoke, he asked if we'd like to see him and his band next year. Two people (I forgot their names ;-;) came up to me and said I looked really cool! They even asked if they could sit with me! I was there by myself and they seemed friendly enough, so I said yes. They left to get a drink and I neatened up the blanket I was sitting on so they could sit on it. 

They came back and sat with me and we chatted whilst the set was changed, they were both really nice! One was dressed alternatively and the other looked like they could be a rapper, an unlikely duo but they were both friendly! They then went off to grab a cigarette and when they returned, they asked if I wanted a puff to which I declined. The set was taking longer than expected to change to the organiser gave another lengthy speech, telling us about the events happening over the weekend, who will be playing later, tomorrow and Sunday, and then an incredibly long list of things you could win in the raffle, including 5 skips, a free piercing and various other oddities. I said to my new friends (I'm using the term friends loosely here, simply because its just easier to describe them as friends but I'm not close enough to call them friends, idk if that makes sense, it takes me a long time to befriend someone properly) that the free piercing sounded sketchy which they agreed with, and 5 skips was an odd thing to win, I'm not sure what one would do with 5 skips, you'd have to have a lot of unwanted furniture or rubbish or something XD

The next band came on, they were called No Flamingos On A Sunday, they were really good! Their music was nice and the vocals were good! A group of maybe four people danced to some of their songs. The lead singer's shirt was nice, I liked the ruffles, I've been looking for a shirt similar to that but maybe in white and not made of mesh for a more vampiric feel to go with my corset. I really enjoyed No Flamingos On A Sunday, I hope I can one day see them live again!  It was funny watching them with my new friends because one of them was almost drooling over the lead singer XD I found it very amusing, I guess because I'm used to my friends crushing over fictional characters or people on the internet, people that you're unlikely to meet/ see irl. 

When they finished and the set change was finally over, All Fall Down started playing, and some of the members of the previous band came and stood in the crowd behind us (presumably with their friends) and one of my new friends kept glancing over their shoulder to look at them and I just found the whole ordeal very funny! All Fall Down were really good too! I really enjoyed them! My new friends even got up and danced in front of the stage (along with a few other people, which was really nice and wholesome to see), they wanted me to come up and dance with them but I didn't want to leave mine and their things unattended, that and I felt uncomfortable dancing with strangers/ new friends. There was a sing-along song and the lead singer was going to throw out a bag of candyfloss to whoever had the best singing voice. When the song finished, one of my new friends caught it and gave it to a little kid in the crowd, to which the lead singer got out another bag of cotton candy (although it was half eaten) and gave it to them. 

During the set change, my new friends went and sat with another group of girls who looked a bit older than us and I thought they had just left to grab another cigg, but no, they actually sat down on the grass with them, about maybe 5 metres away from me and chatted with them for a bit. They then got up and picked up their bag and said they were gonna head down the pub, and then they left! They left their rubbish behind too, which I was a little displeased with. 

When the last band of the night was finally ready to play, their first song was over 10 minutes long, by which point I thought I'd heard enough as it was very slow and just not very interesting. I persevered another song but after that, I packed up my blanket and put their rubbish in the bin and walked home. I felt a little guilty leaving halfway though their set but I was tired and sitting on the grass wasn't as comfortable as I thought it was going to be. I arrived home at about 10pm and I was pretty tired, but I had a fun evening out! I just wish my friends were there with me. 

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