I think my work place hates me

The past week or so I have been feeling attacked at work pretty sure no one likes me and I'm getting fired soon.

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as long as ur coworkers aren't making complaints against you, or you shuld try and make some against them before they have a chance and gang up on you :( good luck <3
Some jobs are so cliquey and full of drama like highschool like grow up and just get on with it

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I agree, plus I am the youngest at my job and I feel as though they take advantage of that to pick on me. They have already complained about me for when I stand my ground. Not to mention one of my coworkers a lady touched me inappropriately and they took her side.

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You gotta get out asap that happens a lot older people feel threatened by someone younger like they're gonna take their job actual losers..., bullying and esp harassment cannot be excused in a professional environment pray you can report it to someone higher and get it sorted or are able to leave safely take care

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