I went 2 pride again :3

Y'all so i went to Utrecht pride (in The Netherlands) and holy shit it was so much fun!!! I went in Rainbow Dash cosplay and we saw like 50+ boats and everyone was cheering and ahdhsddjsf it was so fun!!! I'm going to another pride event this saturday!!! (June 10th) WHich is also me and my partner's 2 year anniversary!!! I love him so much <33

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yooo! thats so cute! i would love to see the cosplay you made. and i WISH i could go to a pride event! i never been to one! is it as exciting as a lot of people say it is? are there sometimes arguments that break out often because of homophobia? would've loved to visit these events for sure! anyways great blog!

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Oh yeah it's absolutely wonderful!!! I haven't really experienced any conflict at the 3 pride events i've gone to so far but there are often christians preaching about jezus in the area and that can cause fights but no it's usually pretty safe!!

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