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Indie apps and sites

If you want any alternative softwares and social media to the ones that are mainstream, I gathered the ones that I use and the ones that I've seen people talking about!

1. AIMP (Free Audio Player)

You can both use the storage in your computer/phone, a shared file from your computer, or from a drive. It offers many audio interfaces, sound equalizer, built-in sound effects (Reverb, Flanger, Chorus, Pitch, Tempo, Echo), and CUE sheets. AIMP also supports 32-bit audio processing for its 20-band graphic equalizer, multiple lists, OTG storage, user-defined playback queue, internet radio like HTTP live streaming and etc [I honestly don't know how to use half of these configurations]. It is also disponible in Android devices, I don't know if it's disponible for IOS. 


Other option is Winamp, but I never used it so I think you should search and try it for yourself.


2. Nuclear Boom (Video and Image sharing Forum)

A forum for photo and videos. Kind of similar to Space Hey, but specifically for images and videos. I like it, but I think it should have more attention and more content from users, if this happens we can make it a safe space outside of YouTube for people seeking good content.

I've seen some other youtube alternatives but they had real graphic content including su1c1de, guns and others, so please be careful! Nuclear Boom is a project made by someone we can directly contact instead of only the "Support", so that's why I prefer it. 

Nuclear Boom

3. Windows Live Messenger by Escargot (Old Windows Messenger)

Basically somewhere to talk to people. On the Escargot Discord you can find Group Chats to enter and eventual friends.


4. Vivaldi (Browser)

Chromium based browser with both tracker and ad block built-in, also allows you to block the majority of tracking cookie-consent dialogs, with the Vivaldi Cookie Crumbler. It also is extremelly customizable, letting you change even the button's icons. Disponible in mobile.


5. Pale Moon (Browser)

Open Source Goanna-based web browser. Using their own words: "Pale Moon has never displayed, does not display, and will never display advertising materials (e.g. ad banners) during its run-time, nor will it transmit private data to us or third parties without your knowledge."

Does it means that it will share your information with third parties if you agree with it? I don't have any vague idea, I'm not a code girl, I'm someone that wants even a little bit of security, privacity and anonymity when using the web.

Pale Moon

6. Disroot.org (E-mail provider, Cloud, XMPP Chat and others)

I have plenty e-mails for different usages. I like to use these community-created or encrypted e-mails when registering on platforms that are really intimate and shows a lot of who I am and that could be used agaisnt me in the future.

According to their word: "is a platform providing online services based on principles of freedom, privacy, federation and decentralization. No tracking, no ads, no profiling, no data mining!" They also say they rely on donations and support from their own users. I reccomend you to read more About them. I also like Proton Mail, even though some of their best settings are paid, if you ust want to use it to register on social media and have a great security, I also recommend it.

6. 1 Mailvelope

This browser extension provides end-to-end encryption for your existing email address. It encrypt your mails without having to change your email provider. Encryption and decryption takes place exclusively on the end devices. This means that your private data will never leave your device unencrypted. You can have multiple keys to encrypt your stuff.

6. 2 Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free and open source application that functions as an email and news client, having been produced by the Mozilla Foundation, the same creator of the Mozilla Firefox browser. You can put your Mailvelope key so everything get end-to-end encrypted. Disponible on mobile devices as K9 app.


7. MelonLand Forum (Forum)

A forum where you can talk about various things. Didn't see anything about politics though, so I believe it is just for light talk.


8. ImgFlip (Meme's Forum)

Basically you upvote the memes you like. You can also share the ones you like in the platform.


Do you know any other forums or softwares that are worth sharing? Comment them, please.

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