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Maybe im gonna be alright

Isn't it just the best feeling when everything is just fine and you have nothing to worry about, I'm writing exams and everyone else is stressed but for the first time in a long time, I understand the work and I'm confident in my abilities. So I've been enjoying the exams, I spend a lot of time home alone because of how early school ends and I do spend a lot of time studying but I also have time to do other things, like I've picked up drawing again after like 2 years ( don't ask how I survived design class without drawing ), I became interested in superhero comics, ive been working out and getting stronger and I'm also looking forward to after the exams. I have so many plans, me and my friends are going out to some pizza place and I'm going to get my learner's license and my friend and some family friends and I are going to go ice skating and then maybe to the arcade. 

I just feel so good, I have been miserable for the longest time and (figuratively speaking) The sun has risen again 

Thank you for reading 

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