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Look to the sky

In summertime I rarely can concentrate on anything school related, all I wanna do is drive my bike and listen to music, eat delicious little treats, draw and read books, hang out in the city with my friends or alone and go on holiday like I havent been to albania for like a decade and I also really want to visit some other countries like bosnia, turkey, spain...

Germany is a wealthy country and I am thankful for that but please it destroys me as a person aaaaaaaaaaaaa

I talked to my best friend about how I dont really want to graduate from 13th grade and how I just want to work little jobs my whole life, fulfill my graffiti lifestyle, be a good muslim and overall having fun. Why do I have in order to make my familiy proud, to do such difficult things, its exhausting me and my health (physically and mentally). 

My friend just responded that he struggled with the similar thoughts and problems but had to come to the realisation real quickly that our parents were immigrants, escaping from a war and that they just wanted to give their children an opportunity to become something bigger, something they wanted to become themselve but couldnt, also due to traditional reasons. 

I understood him, but at this point I was giving up talking to him about it. Maybe I dont seem thankful enough, maybe I seem more lazy than ever, but not even my siblings want to talk about it, they dont really take me seriously. 

Anywaysss, I planned to do something medicine related after school, I am fascinated by it! My mom wants me to become a teacher because all of my siblings are studying to become teachers but I dont really see myself as a teacher. I see myself as a physician assistant or operation nurse, I am not gonna study in germany tho, maybe in Austria, netherlands or Albania :)))

Do you know what to do after school?? Or if youre already graduated from school or college/university, what are you doing now?? I would love to know, since there are always diverse answers to this question! 


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