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re: being a jaded little fuckface

at this point i'm just ready to accept that my creativity is draining. a whole school year of binging monster every morning and delirium-induced shitty little videos, summer just kills all of that. i'm trying to fix my body, my sleep, most of what made me what i was during the school year. most of what made me a little fucking loser.

i don't even mean what influenced my creations. i kinda do, though, cause the influence was a lot of internet searching supplemented by the annoyingly stupid information that i just have in my brain. a lot that you'll hear when i go on my little autistic rants about random internet shit. how nobody really knows where jeff the killer came from, and they're still searching for it, and oh, lol, some guy with 4k followers who called himself jeff the killer as a joke and came back to be funny is following me! lolz. shit like that.

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